This 'bando' is 'lit'

Road trips are fun, but confusing toll roads are not. Whats the deal with tolls anyways? Amirite?? Anyways, the mansion we were visiting laid just out of view from the street; quiet, but you could still hear the noise of the cars passing by. We had seemingly unlimited time here, we stayed as long as our cold hands and feet would allow. 

Oh, did I mention that this place still had power? This mansion seemed to be a residential home with most of the previous owners belongs still inside. Baby gates adorned the door frames and there are still clothes in the closets.

The mansion also had a greenhouse attached as well as a small barn and swimming pool. It makes me wonder why anyone would want to leave this place. 

And obviously some self portraits were taken.. 

Some collaborations between Jennie and I 

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More to come,