Id like to share with you my final portfolio for my photography IV class: 

This portfolio is titled "Space" and is the continuation of an idea I started working with in 2015. This portfolio ties together a lot of the things I love to do with photography; self portraits, shooting in interesting spaces, playing with light... and so on. 

This portfolio is made up of 18 triptychs that I took using my Nikon D750 and a tripod. I took these photos in various abandoned places around New England, New York State, and rural New Jersey. 

As an artist I am beginning to realize that the space one exists in effects they way they act. In my case, being in an abandoned building with peeling paint and crumbling plaster walls affected the way I posed. If I was posing in a pristine futuristic style building made from concrete and steel I would have posed differently just like if I was posed in a lush grade of flowers I would have posed differently...

You can see this similar effect on people based on where they live. People are effected from living in very poor conditions differently than people who live in affluent communities. However, taking care of the space one is in changes how they are; showing great care about a space, maybe its ones room, town, country, or the planet, makes them act differently than if they did not care for that space.

Being in dilapidated buildings that were once significant in some way is interesting to me. These spaces that I pose myself in are small rooms, large factory floors, open fields; all of which have subtle nuances that cannot be captured on 1 frame. I am learning to love the fact that sometimes the frames don't exactly match up.

As an artist, I never knew what media would stick with me. Ive had the great fortune of being able to try just about every form of media. Ever since middle school photography has been the one constant in my life. It is now what drives me to be better, act better, and do better. As much as I love painting, drawing, and printmaking, photography seems to be the most accurate way for me to communicate my ideas. My art is slightly performance based as well; the act of letting the space I'm surrounded in influence the way my body moves is turning into a ritual. 

The whole idea of "space" is an idea that I plan on using in the future. I also plan on furthering the idea of performance art as well. 

You can see the full series of work here 

more to come