Dr. Oliver Bronson House

the Plumb- Bronson house, or better know as the Oliver Bronson house, began being built in 1811. Some of its best known features are the spiraling staircase that climbs up 3 towering stories and the delicate features that are attributed to the Hudson River Bracketed style architecture. The exterior looks foreboding due to the mix-match looking repairs being made. But the interior is adorned with elegant wallpapers, pastel blue paint, ornate woodwork, and beautiful vintage glass. 

The house was sold by the affluent Oliver Bronson in 1853 and the grounds were converted into a girls school until they changed hands and were turned into a minimum security correctional facility in the late 1970's. The state almost allowed the house to be burned down and use as practice for the local fire department, but thanks to the conservation efforts of the Historic Hudson Society we are still able to marvel at this gem of American architecture.

Historic Hudson Society is currently a few years into a 30 year lease from the state of New York to try and save this house. Their efforts help to maintain the house; keeping the exterior intact to minimize weather damage to the inside of the house as well as minimal repairs to the interior as to keep the house the way its been since the past. Their end goal is to turn this house and the neighboring fields and woods into a state park where people can come to enjoy this house for years to come. Thanks to the generosity of the Historic Hudson Society they allow visits to the Bronson house for small donations that provide funding for the preservation of the house.

If you'd like to know more about the Bronson house please go visit their website  

Self portraits from my first visit in March:

These were taken at my most recent visit at the end of April: 

The way we interact with the space we are in is so important. Wether it is deciding what pose to do in an abandoned house for a photo or dedicating years of your time to preserve a house that people would rather burn down it is important to decided wisely. Our spaces can be destroyed so easily; when they're gone, they're gone. 

More to come,