Isabel and Ethan

It's funny how things work out they way they do. Isabel and her brother turned out to be vacationing from school in my neck of the woods and we set up a shoot. 

We started at a bird sanctuary with beautiful scenery.

Afterwords we made our way to the beach, but not before a quick stop at an abandoned house that I drive past all the time but never actually stopped at. The house was full of belonging left behind... but not in a beautiful way that some abandoned houses are... more in a really gross way with creatures living inside everything... But we managed to take a few good photos. 

By far the best part of this house was the old rusting car in the backyard

Our last stop would be the beach. Plum Island is incredibly beautiful at sunset and it remains that way until the light is completely gone. We took our last few photos with whatever remaining light was left at the beach