Lately (Pt3)...

The North East is home to several abandoned institutions. They have always been my favorite places to explore. Whereas they don't inspire me to take self portraits usually, they evoke thoughts about the human condition and institutionalism. I need to learn more about the effects of institutionalism on patients as well as staff, but many ideas have come to me just looking at the layout of many of the buildings I have explored. 

To me, the sinks left in the abandoned nurses dorms have taken on a new life... each sink is made out of the same material, installed around the same time, and were intended to be the same, yet somehow over time each sink, as well as the wall surrounding it, has changed to take on their own unique character. I think in a lot of government funded programs (specifically health and public school) humans are treated as "one brand"... we are intended to be the same yet our environments and our own integrity makes us unique despite the "system" trying to keep us the same. The sinks have captivated me in this regard. 

Obviously the next few sets of photos were taken at very different places. It is also interesting to see how different towns or owners take care of "abandoned" property. 

The next abandoned facility I explored was a little different than the previous two, this one was a tuberculosis hospital rather than a mental facility. 

Finally, the most recent facility I had the pleasure of exploring was a centuries old mental facility. The day we chose to explore was a bitter rainy day, but I plan on returning very soon. 

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More to come,