Lately (Pt. 2)...

Exploring has always been at the heart of my love for photography; wether it be exploring my emotions and sexuality or abandoned buildings. 

Jesse and I had set out weeks before these photos were taken to explore a centuries old abandoned resort in the Poconos. After sneaking successfully onto the property we crawled into the building, within 5 minuets we ran into the caretaker who was showing a potential investor around the property. He kindly told us to fuck off with his hand on his holster.

A few weeks later we learned that the buildings were set for demolition that month, so we decided to try our luck again. To our disappointment we found out most of the buildings were almost completely cleared out. 

As disappointed as we were I still managed to take some self portraits while we had the chance to roam around this beautifully sad place.

More to come,